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DOB - 1015/2007
By AKC/ASC CH Legends Starn Runnin' Down A Dream StdD, StdS
Out of PennyCaerau Miss Scarlet O'Hara - AKC ptd.
CERF - Normal/Normal 001/15/2013
HSF4 Non-Carrier
MDR1- 15439   Mutant/Normal
Non Dilute Gene Carrier
Full Dentation- Scissors Bite
22"  58 lbs
Westminster WKC backers:
Susan Roberts
Chris Jones
Joanne Dodson
Tracie Parra/Sharon Cisco

NEWS FLASH! On 11/17/2011 Stryder earned his Bronze Level AKC Gr Championship and is now qualified for the 2012 Eukanuba!!

SHOW NEWS~! At the Orlando AKC cluster June 24-26th Stryder went BOB under Judge Stephanie Hedgepath and a Group 4 under Judge Frank McCartha at the Friday show.  Thank you both very much and as always to his handler Lara Spears for the excellent jib she does handling him.  On Sunday Stryder went Best of Breed under Judge Frank McCartha thank you again.

SHOW NEWS!!!  At the Perry GA AKC cluster, May 13th, 14th and 15th. Stryder went Best of Breed all 3 days he was show!  On Sunday he made the cut of six in group!  Thank you Judges Lowell Davis, Houston Clark, Arlene Davis and Group Judge John Studebaker!  Thanks Lara for taking him in groups each day and for showing him on Sunday!

Group RIng Sunday May 15th 2011

NEWS FLASH!! Our Stryder made the final cut at the Westminster KC show in NYC!  We are so very proud of him!!!!! Thank you Judge Dr Scott Kellog and to
Lara Spears his handler for the great job she did with him there!

Stryder at WKC

GR CH RANKING NEWS- Stryder is currently ( as of 12/7) is with ranked #14 in the Aussie standings with limited showing!

SHOW NEWS! At the Orlando AKC shows Stryder went BOS all 3 days, thank you judges Linda More, David Kirkland and Raymnd Filburn.  Lara thanks for showing the silly boy you know him so well!

SHOW NEWS!!  At the Ocala Fl AKC shows on Thurs 11/11 and Friday 11/12/2010- Strdyer went Best of Breed under Judges Doris Miller and   Daniel Fleitas, thank you both and Lara another outstanding job showing Stryder!

Friday 11/12/10 Ocala Group shot
Stryder AKA The Tongue!!!

SHOW NEWS! At the Priceville AL AKC shows on 11/5 and  11/6/2010 Stryder went BOS under Judges Wendy Willhauck and  Carloyn Herbel.  Thanks as always to his handler Lara Spears!

SHOW NEWS At the  Oct Lake City AKC shows on both Sat and Sun Stryder went BOS.

Orlando June 2010 Grp 3 New Grand Champion
Thank you Judge Marjorie Tuff

SHOW NEWS!!  At the Orlando AKC show on 6/27/2010 Stryder went BOB and garnered a Herding Group 3.  Thank you Judge Marjorie Tuff! for both the wins!! Thank you Lara for showing him so well! in Breed and I consider myself blessed to have been able to show him in the Group!

Orlando AKC June 2010 Group 4
Thak You Judge Bolus

SHOW NEWS - At the Orlando AKC show on Sat June 26th our Stryder went BOB ( over 3 Specials) under Judge David McIntrye and garnered at Herding Group 4 under Judge David Bolus!  Thank you very much! Thanks Lara he looked great!

Orlando AKC June 2010


SHOW NEWS!  At the Waynesville NC AKC show on Saturday June 19th our Stryder went BOB and garnered a Herding Group 2!  Thank you  Judge Frank McCartha for the lovely wins!  Handled beautifully as always by Lara Spears!  On Sun 6/20 Stryder went BOS under Judge Jean Fornier., thank you.


SHOW  NEWS- at the Fletcher NC AKC shows on June 12th and 13th our Stryder went BOS both days, thank you Judges Shirley Uphouse and  Dr Scot Kellog.  Also our BBE girl Demi (Gatorheavens Demi Got More) went WB on Sunday for a 3 pt major!  Thank you Dr Kellog!

SHOW News!  At the Southheaven MS AKC shows on June 5th and 6th-Stryder went BOB on Sat under Judge Jon Cole and on Sun he went BOS under Judge Francine Schwartz.  Thank you very much and lara another great job of showing our boy!

SHOW NEWS-At the GAASC Spring Fling show on Sunday March 21, 2010 Stryder went Best of  Breed under AKC Judge Les Alberti.  Thank you Lara Spears as always for showing our silly boy so well!

Best of Breed GAASC Spring Fling 2010
Judge Les Alberti

SHOW NEWS At the Florida Australian Shepherd Association on 2/13 and 2/14 Stryder went Best of Breed at the Sat AM show under AKC Judge Marlene Buford and at the Sun AM show he went Best of Breed under ASC Breeder Judge Pamela Nelson!  Thank you both for seeing the quality , movement and type of this young dog has!

SHOW NEWS!! At the Brooskville Fl AKC Cluster our Stryder went BOS in three shows over 3 other male specials.  Thank ou Judges Christine Cameron, Dr. Scott Kellogg and Brian Meyer!  As always he was shown beautifully by his handler Lara Spears!

Stryder Brooksville AKC Show January 23, 2009

SHOW NEWS! At the Orlando AKC show on Friday December 11, 2009 our Stryder went Best of Breed ( over two specials)!  Thank you very much AKC Breeder Judge Alice Brock and as always to the excellent job his handler Lara Spears does with him! 

Stryder BOB - Thank you Judge Alice Brock

Thank you AKC Judge Susan Caitland (photo by Gia Coppi)

Stryder went Best of Breed at the GAASC show on Saturday October 17th, 2009.  Thank you AKC Judge Susan Caitland and his handler Lara Spears! 

Best of Breed 10-17-2009
Thank you AKC Judge Susan Caitland

At the September Atlanta AKC show on Friday and Saturday our boy wnet Best of Oppostie Sex - Thank you Judge Linda Moor and mr Robert Slay.  AS always to the awesome job Lara does showing him!

SHOW NEWS!  Well since we could not make it to Nationals this year :o( - we decided to head over to Cullman AL for the NAASA show!  Was well worth the drive!! 
Our Stryder (AKC/ASCA Ch GatorHeavens Free Fallin' went Best of Breed at both the AM and PM show!  Thank you very much ASCA Judge Pam Nelson and AKC Judge Ann Cross!

SHOW NEWS-  On  Friday Sept 11th and  Saturday Sept 12th our Stryder went BOS at the Atlanta AKC Cluster - thank you Judge sRobert Slay and Linda Moore and as always to his handler Lara Sprears!


SHOW NEWS!  On Friday Sept 11our Stryder went BOB at the Chattanooga TN AKC show - thank you judge Charles "Chuck" Trotter for the loverly win!  Also in Group he made the cut of 6!  Again thank you Judge Trotter.  We are ever so proud of this young boy!  He loves to show and adores his handler Lara Spears!   They make a great team! 

SHOW NEWS - On Sun August 16 , 2009, our Stryder went Best of Breed over 6 specials, it was a very nice group at the GAASC show!  Thank  you very much  AKCJudge Alberto Berrios.

Best of Breed GAASC Aug 16, 2009

SHOW NEWS!  On Friday July 24th at the Greenville SC AKC cluster our Stryder went Best Opposite to the Number 1 ranked Aussie in the country!  Thank you Judge Lee Canilizo and to Wendi Cowell for stepping in for our handler Lara who is on maternity leave!  Also on Sunday July 26th Stryder garnered another Best Opposite!  Thank you Judge Mary Anne Brocious and to Wendi Cowell again!  It was his first show as a AKC Special!

SHOW NEWS!  On Sunday July 12th at the GAASC show our Stryder went Best of Breed (over 4 Specials) for his first ASCA BOB!  Thank you very much Judge Anne Shope and to the excellent handling of his handler Lara Spears!  They are a great team!  It was Stryder's first weekend out in ASCA as a Special!

BOB GAASC July 12th 2009

June 19, 2009

On Friday June 19, 2009 our Stryder went at 20 months went Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 4 point major and finished his AKC Championship under Judge Mrs. Patty Neal!  Thank you very much Judge Neal and our deep appreciation to his handler Lara Spears for showing our boy in such a fantastic way! 

WOW!!!!!  What A Weekend Our Stryder Had At The GAASC Summer  Breeze  Show June 6th And 7th In Canton , GA.  At  The 2nd Saturday  Show Stryder Went WD and BOW For A 5 Point Major - Thank You Very Much AKC Judge  Maragert Shappard!  So Going Into The Sun Shows He Had 4 Majors And 14 Points!  In The Sunday AM Show He Went RWD  to a 5 point major!  Then In The Sunday PM Show He Went WD/BOW for His 5th Major- Another 5 Point-Thank You Very Much AKC Judge James Gibson!!  So Our BBE Finished His ASCA Championship At 19 Months With All Majors ( 5)  And 19 points!  WAY TO GO STRYDER!!!!! 

GAASC SummerBreeze Sun PM Show WD/BOW

GAASC Summer Breeze Sat WD/BOW

Stryder Herding Group 4 Oakridge TN May 23, 2009

Another Great Show Day!  Today, Sunday May 24th at the Oakridge TN AKC show Stryder went  Winners Dog and Best of Winners!  He now needs one major to finish his AKC championship.  Thank you Judge June Penta and as always to our handler Lara Spears for the excellent job she does with our silly boy!


AWESOME SHOW NEWS!!!  At the Oakridge TN AKC show on Saturady 5/23/09 oour Stryder went WD/BOW/BOB ( over two Specials) and took a Herding Group 4 at rhe age of 19 mos!  Way to go Stryder!  Thank you very much Judge William Bailey for the awesome win and group placement!  Of course to his handler Lara Spears for doing such a great job with him!  YAHOOO!!!  Photo will be ui as soon as they arrive!

SHOW NEWS!  At the Macon Kennel Club show at the Perry Ga AKC Cluster our Stryder went Winners Dog Best of Winners and Best of Breed over two specials!  YAHOO!  Thank you Judge Denise Dean for the very nice compliments on our boy and to his handler Lara Spears for her great presentation of Stryder!   This was his second Best Of Breed - at 18  months old! Photo to be up soon!

Stryder Winners,Best of Winners and Best of Breed
Perry (Macon KC) Georgia May 9, 2009-Thx Judge Dean

Stryder in the ring Perry GA May 2009
BOB/WD/BOW from the classes

SHOW NEWS!  On Sunday April 26th at the Birmingham AL Cluster our Stryder went WD/BOW and BEST of BREED ( missed a major by 1 dog) - Thank  you Lara for showing Stryder so very very well!  Now on the hunt for majors :o)  THank you Judge June Penta

SHOW NEWS!  On Saturday April 4th, 2009 our Stryder went BEST IN MATCH at  the Birmingham KC All Breed Match!  Way to go Stryder!  Thank you very much to Judge Gail Smith for the win and for her very very nice comments about him!

Stryder getting picked Best Adult in Match
Birmingham AL - Judle Gail Smith

SHOW NEWS - On Sunday March 30th, 2009 our Dale went RWD to a 4 point major at the Newnan GA AKC show!  THanks Lara for showing him so well int eh sloppy mud!

SHOW NEWS- At the GAASC Spring Fling on Sunday 3/15/09 our Stryder went WD for his 3rd ASCA Major .  Thank you AKC Judge Susan Kinman and to Tanner Norris for showing him so well!

Stryder Atlanta AKC Friday January 20, 2009
Winners Dog and Best of Winners- Judge Lenora Riddle

Show News!  On Saturday February 21st, at the Tallahassee FL AKC show our Stryder went WD.  Thank you Judge Linda Moore and also to his handler Lara Spears for showing him so very very well!

Show News!  On Friday Feb 20th our Stryder went WD/BOW and BOS at the Vladosta Kennel Club AKC show - thank you Judge Bolus and of course to his handler, Lara Spears

Show News!  On Thursday February 19th Stryder went BOB, Herding Group One and Best in Match Adult at the Valdosta KC Match!  Way to go handsome!  Thank you to all the judges on his nice win!!

Show News!  On Thursday Feburary 19, Stryder  showed in the Match at the Valdosta GA Kennel Club show - he garnered a BOB, Herding Group One and  he went Best in Match Adult!  Way to go handsome boy!  Thank you to the judges for the lovely win!

SHOW NEWS!  On Friday January 30th, Stryder took WD and BOW at the Atlanta AKC Show Cluster - thank you very much Judge Lenora Riddle and as always the great  job our handler Lara Spears does with him!  They are becoming a great team!  Picture to be posted soon!

SHOW NEWS - On Sunday January 4th our  Stryder went WD out of the 12-18 mo class at the Clemson Kennel Club AKC show.  Thank you very much Judge Wolfskill and as always to the awesome job our handler Lara Spears does with Stryder!

SHOW NEWS -On Sunday December 7th our Stryder went WD/BOW at the GAASC Toys For Tots Show!  Thank you AKC Judge Alberto Berrios for the win and nice compliments on our boy!  Of course he was shown beautifully by his handler Lara Spears!

SHOW NEWS!  On Friday 11/21/08 Stryder went RWD at the Montgomery AKC shows.  Thank  you Judge Grasso!  On Sat Saturday 11/22/08  Stryder  went WD - than you Judge Canilizo and for the nice comments on our boy!  AS ALWAYS thanks to his hanler Lara Spears for showing him so very very well!


SHOW NEWS!  Stryder attended the Marietta GA AKC show 10-23-26/2008 He went RWD the first three days and on Sunday went WD for his first AKC points all from the 12-18 month class!  Thanks to his handler Lara Spears for showing him so well.  we have high hopes for this fun young dog!

SHOW NEWS!  On Sat Oct 4, 2008 our Stryder went RWD  (from the 9-12 mo class)to his sire Dale at the GAASC AM show - thank you Judge Shelly Hollen!

Stryder RWD GAASC 10-4-08
Judge Shelly Hollen

Stryder at 7 1/2 mos old

At the Lexington AKC show on Thursday 8/27 Stryder went RWD out of the 9-12 month class. Thank you Judge Richard Mullin and of course to his handler Lara Spears.

At the GAASC show on Sunday July 13, 2008 - our Stryder won his 6-9 month class ( out of 4) then he went on to be awarded Winners Dogs for a 3 point major! Thank you AKC judge Dr. Jim Alexander and to his expert handling by his handler Lara Spears!

GAASC July 13, 2008

Thank you Judge Bolus!
Stryder 7 1/2 mos old.

SHOW NEWS!! At the Oakridge AKC Sat 5/24 show (Harriman TN) Stryder went RWD and BOB Puppy Thank you Judge Jacqueline Stacy - then he went on to garner a Herding Puppy Group One -thank you Judge D Bolus- so he got to compete for Best in Show Puppy! He showed outstanding in the BISP competition - ever so proud of how well he did! Several people thought he had BISP and appreciate their nice comments! Thanks as always to his handler Lara Spears!!!

SHOW NEWS!! On Friday May 9th Stryder was Best of Breed Puppy and garnered a Herding Group 2 at the Perry GA AKC Match! Thank you Judge Tracy Bennett and to his handler Lara Spears! Way to go Stryder man! He also showed on May 8th and 9th at the Perry AKC shows and won his class both days! Picture will be posted as soon as I receive it.

Show News! On Friday May 2nd at the Clemson(SC) KC Match Our Stryder went Best of Breed Puppy and also a Herding Group 2. Thank you Judge Alice Brock!

SHOW NEWS! On Sat April 26th Stryder took a Reserve Winners Dog out of the 6-9 month class! It was his first AKC show! Thank you Judge Minna-Liisa Koltes for the nice placement and as always to his handler Lara Spears! Way to go Stryder!

SHOW NEWS! Stryder went to the Atlanta KC Match in Perry GA on 4/10/08 - he went BOBp and also garnered a Herding Group 4! Way to go little man! Thank you Judge Millie Meyers and of course to his handler, Lara Spears!

SHOW NEWS!! Stryder was Best of Breed Puppy in two out of the three shows he was entered in at the GAASC Spring Fling - March 15th and 16th! Thank you AKC Judge Dee Hickerson and Susan Caitlin. So proud of this young puppy!


SHOW NEWS!! We took Stryder to the Greater Atlanta Australian Shepherd Club - Paw Thaw show on 1/19 and 1/20/08 and what a show he had. He was Best of Breed Puppy (8 pups total) two out of the three shows. He showed so very well - just like his Dad! Very proud of this young pup and thanks to our handler Lara Spears!


STRYDER - Nine Weeks Old

STRYDER - Nine Weeks Old


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