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Past Stars (Travis and Punkin)Of GatorHeaven

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Past Stars (Travis and Punkin)Of GatorHeaven
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Hamiltons Naughty By Nature of GatorHeaven(AKC Major ptd)
DOB 08/02/2009
RT Female
CERF N/N April 2011
OFA GOOD/ Elbows Normal
Co-Owned with Claire Hamilton

SHOW NEWS!!!!! At the Greenville SC AKC (2/19-20/11) shows our Punkin went Reserve Winners to a major under Judge Don Duerksen, thank you Lara and Ashley on presenting her so well.  Then on Sunday she went Winners for a 3 point major!!!  YAHOO and I got to show her myself!  Thank you Judge Ms Laurie King Telfair for the win and the nice comments!

WB 3 pt major Greenville Feb 2011


SHOW NEWS - At the Southaven MS AKC show on Sat June 5th Punkin went Winners  for 2 points!  Thank you Judge Jon Cole, she was shown beautifully by Lara!

Pumpkin WB Montgomery AL April 2010
Thank you Judge William Usherwood

Pumpkin Montgomery AL AKC shows April 24th and 25th 2010-Ring Shots

SHOW NEWS-At the Montgomery AKC show on Saturday April 24, 2010 - Pumpkin went Winners Bitch over some very nice competition for her first AKC point!  Thank you Judge William Usherwood and for saying she is exquisite! As always Lara showed her beautifully!  Win photo will be up shortly!

SHOW NEWS- At Pumpkins first AKC show weekend in Ft Walton Beach Fl - on Friday March 5th she went RWB ( to Pause)under Judge Jean Fournier-thank you very much!  Lara you did a great job with her!  Thanks!


AKC CH GatorHeavens I Won't Back Down and ASCA  ( 2 majors -10 pts)
DOB 11/3/2009
BT Male
OFA- Fair
CERF-N/N no notations 4/10/2010
MDR1-N/N by parentage
Sire-AKC/ASCA Ch Legends Starn Runnin Down A Dream Std D/S
Dam- Encores American Harmony
We have high hopes for this young dog!  He is stunning!

Travis in the ring Orlando Dec 2010

Orlando Dec 2010
Judge Linda Moore

SHOW NEWS! At the Orlando AKC show on Friday 12/17 and Sat 12/18 our Travis went WD/BOW both days for 3 more points!  Thank you very much Judges Ms Linda C More and David Kirkland.  As always thank you Lara for the great job you did with Travis!

Travis 11 mos old October 2010

SHOW NEWS - At the Knoxville AKC shows  On Friday 11/5 Travis went RWD under Judge Robert Slay and on Sat 11/5 he went Winners /BOW under Judge Lawrence Stanbridge.  Thank y ou Lara for the awesome job you do showing Travis!

SHOW NEWS!!!  At the Chattanooga KC show our Travis went RWD to a 4 pt major on Sat. 9/19 and on Sunday 9/19 he went WD/BOW for his second AKC major!  Thank you Judge Judith Goodin and as always to how beautifully Lara shows him!





WOW At the GAASC show on Sat 9/11 our Travis went WD/BOW for a 5 pt major our of the 9-12 mo class under AKC Judge Ann Hearn, thank you very Miss Hearn, then at the Sat PM show he went BOB/BOW/WD for another 5 pt major - thank you very much AKC Judge Maragaret Shappard!!!! Still floating! As always thank you Lara for the most excellent job you do!  Also a big thanks to Je Allison Dyches for taking him for Breed! Could not have done it without you!


At the Greensboro NC AKC shows Travis earned two RWD, Two BOBP and a Group 3 and Group 1st and competed for Best In Show puppy on Sat.  Way to go Travis!! Thanks Lara for handling him so beautifully!


At the Owensboro KY AKC shows July 24th and 25th our Travis went RWD under Judge Joyce Geschwinder and on Sunday he went Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 3 point major under Judge Nancy Simmons-thank you both very much.  AS always thanks Lara for the great job of presenting him in the ring.

SHOW NEWS!  At the Lima OH AKC show on Sat. 7/3 Travis went BOBP and garned a Herding Group 3! Thanks Lara!

SHOW NEWS- At the Southaven MS AKC show on Sunday June 6th , Travis went RWD out if the 6-9 mo class.  Thank you Judge Francine Scwhartz.  Lara you did good with Travis - he is still being a pup!

SHOW NEWS!!  At the SouthHeaven MS AKC show (June) Travis went Best in Match Puppy!!! Yahoo!  Way to go Travis!  I had fun doing the match too!

Travis GAASC Spring Fling March'10 Best of Breed P
Judge Les Alberti

Show News!  At the GAASC show on Sunday April 11th Travis garnered a Best of Opposite Puppy under ASCA Judge Susan Landry Whiticar!  Thank you for the nice compliments on Travis! Edit Text

Show News!  At the Kennesaw Kennel Club on Tues March 30th, Travis went Best of breed puppy and also a Herding Group One!  We are so proud of thei little boy!! Edit Text

SHOW NEWS!  At the GAASC show on On March 20th and 21st Travis garnered 3 Best of Breed Puppy wins and one Best of opposite Puppy wins - thank you Judges Melinda Gann, Les Alberti and Cheryl Padgett Edit Text

SHOW NEWS!! At the FASA show 2/13 and 2/14/10 - Travis went Best of Breed Puppy at the Sat AM and PM shows and on Sunday Major went Best of breed puppy.  Thank you Judges Marlene Buford, Trisha Herring and Pamela Nelson. So proud of them they showed like little pros! Edit Text

Thanks Jennifer E. for sending us the photo Edit Picture

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